Virtual Walk & Run

The Annual Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run, to benefit those in need and living in poverty in South Florida, is going to be taken place (As a Virtual Event) this coming May 15-22, 2021.

We recognize that so many in our community are already doing without.  Nearly six out of 10 Miami Dade households are either living in poverty or one emergency away from falling into poverty. 20% of Miami Dade children go to bed hungry, 1 in 7 Miami Dade seniors must choose between rent, food or medication, 1 in 5 youths (ages 13-17) in Miami Dade needs mental health services, more than 36% of Miami Dade residents spend more than half of their income on housing, more than 23% of Miami Dade residents in our community remain uninsured.

Our annual Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run is one of the many ways that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul raises awareness of the widespread poverty and desperate needs in our local communities, and gathers donations to help people affected and afflicted, especially in these times of pandemic and want.  To reduce the spread of COVID-19, this year’s Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run will take place virtually during the week of May 15-22, 2021 at your own space and place, instead of at a large group meeting at Tropical Park as in years past.

You can choose any date, time, location, and distance you please. You can walk, run, bike, skate, any mode of transportation you wish. We’re inviting everyone to go at least two miles; or if you’re feeling up to just a short walk around the block, do that!

Our Walk/Run allows all of us “South Florida Community Members” from all walks of life across the country to participate in a unique event to raise awareness of the challenges faced by our locals’ needful and to raise significant funds for use in SVdP’s direct service to those in need. In average, SVdP gives back to the community more than 98% of the resources it collects. This is thanks to the hard work of our volunteering Vincentians.


With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the walk & run will be an important fund-raising event to help those in need.

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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is one of the largest continuous operations in Miami and is extremely critical in serving the elderly, the poor and the helpless in our community. SVdP volunteers directly provide assistance to those in need regardless or their creede, race, and particular situation.

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Please help us make a difference and create awareness when providing assistance to all of our neighbors in need. More than 20% of the people in Miami-Dade live below the poverty line. This is almost 3M people and way above the national average of 14%. Let’s spark the light of caring in all our South Florida residents and your family members.

Register today for our annual Walk & Run (Virtual Event during 2021) ...

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The St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank will distribute over $7,500,000 of food this year. The increased demand for our food distributions accelerated by the pandemic has further stressed our already fragile financial situation.

Have you ever considered helping your community ?

The food bank needs to raise at least $275,000 to allow us to continue to operate and reach our goals through the end of 2021. The Walk & Run Event will allow you to assist the Food Bank, as well as all other SVdP initiatives to help those in need. Are you ready to help? Are you ready to donate? Please click here to provide a helping hand to our food bank.