Keeping up with tradition, last April 16th, 2017 more than 4,000 people participated along with our Catholic Church Holy Rosary St Richard to celebrate Easter Sunday with a precious Mass at dawn. Deering Estate was blessed once again, and hosted our amazing service. This was also the 16th Easter Mass we celebrated in this magnificent scenario.

Bishop Fernando Isern, from the Archdioceses of Miami had the honor to bless us once again with a service that is now a tradition in South Florida. In fact,  this Sunrise Service at Deering has become a signature celebration for our Parish (Holy Rosary Saint Richard) and is recognized nationwide and, with the Lord’s help, eventually worldwide as a life-time event for those who attend.

SVDP Holy Rosary St. Richard Conference was responsible for the “second collection” at Mass. The proceeds of this collection are going to be directly used to support our work just providing help to those brothers and sisters in need, independently of their creed, origin and situation. In fact, our Conference focuses directly in our community and it is a blessing for those who are requiring support at one point in time. As any other SVDP Conference, we help with material as well as spiritual needs. We want to thank all those of you who contributed generously to the needs of the poor. SVDP will put those funds to good use.

Our Church rejoiced with Christ’s Resurrection. We know that your presence at our Mass will forever change you.

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